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Rejuvenate Your Skin With The Curative Properties Of Dead Sea Salt

dead sea salt benefits for healthy skin


The Dead Sea is a significant source of unique minerals that have been created naturally under extraordinary climatic conditions. The salt extracted from the Dead Sea is being touted as a major revolutionary in skin care and cosmetics. Since 18th century, there has been a growing interest in the rich mineral resources of the sea and their curative properties.

Skin Conditions it can treat:

Dead Sea salt is being used for treating a number of skin problems like:

  • Acne and Psoriasis:

Acne outbursts can be menacing. Regular application of water with added Dead sea salt on acne affected skin can significantly bring down the occurrence and also help with the redness and inflammation.

Dead Sea salts have been recommended by The National Psoriasis Foundation for being extraordinarily beneficial in treating psoriasis. This was concluded from the study that revealed how the concentrated levels of magnesium improved skin hydration and reduced inflammation. The duration of remission has also been lengthened in many cases.

  • Skin Allergies

Concentrated levels of Bromide and Magnesium in Dead Sea salts considerably reduce allergic reactions by cleaning the skin of impurities and detoxifying it to prevent further incidences.

Benefits for your skin

Dead Sea salts have the following benefits for your skin:

  1. Anti-aging properties

Who doesn’t wish to look young? The rich minerals found in Dead Sea salts have been found to have properties that can reverse the effects of ageing on your skin. Studies have revealed that skin products, cosmetics and home remedies with added Dead Sea salts can strengthen each layer of skin and help in firming up sagging skin.

  1. Skin Detoxification

Our skin tends to trap impurities and irritants that can lead to dry, irritated and flaky skin. Dead Sea salt baths can cleanse and detoxify the skin removing these irritants while restoring the depleted minerals.

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