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So you decided to create your own scrub?
Fantastic. Let’s start the process. First you’ll select a base.

Your base, or exfoliator, removes the layer of dead skin and leaves it silky smooth. Go with a coarse base for tough areas (ex. salt), and a finer base for the sensitive areas (ex. your face). Next, you’ll want to select a moisturizer.

Your moisturizer will leave your skin hydrated and keeps it from drying out. There’s a different moisturizer for everyone, so choose a moisturizer that’s perfect for your skin type (dry, oily, or sensitive).

A great scent not only smells good, but it also affects your health! Choose from a variety of pre-made scents. Each scent does something different from your mind, body, and spirit!

For an extra dollar, you can add Honey, Activated Charcoat, or Aloe Vera to your body scrub! Make your body scrub unique to what your skin needs!

We mix every body scrub by hand to make sure it has the perfect consistency-every time. After that, we ship it the same day we mix it!

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