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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? Take a look at our FAQ below.

Does your product contain any chemicals?

Absolutely not! Our products are 100% natural. The scents are formulated using organic essiential oils. We do not use fragrance oils like other companies. We also include all the ingredients right on the label.

What makes Youscrub different than other body scrubs?

We let you decided what you want in your scrub! Our products are also fresh, made the same day you order.

What if I don’t see a scent combo that I want?

We want your feedback! If you want a scent combo that we do not have listed, leave us a comment/message and we will get it and notify you when we do.

What if I need help choosing what’s best for my skin?

We offer online chat and can help you choose ingredients the benefit your skin, special to your skin needs.

How should I use the coffee scrub to get the greatest benefits?

Let warm water run over your skin for about 5 minutes, allowing your pores to open. Remove skin from the running water and rub coffee scrub in desired areas. Let scrub sit on skin for 2-5 minutes. Then scrub in circular motion for approx. 30 seconds and then rinse clean. For best results use in problem areas at least once a week.

How long will it take for my products to be shipped out?

Our products are made to order, meaning the same day they are ordered and they are guaranteed to ship by next day. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information when your package has been sent.

How long will my body scrub stay fresh?

If there is no excessive amounts of water in your scrub (since water molds), we suggest using your scrub within 60 days.

Will my body scrub mold?

All of our products contain vegetable glycerin as a natural preservative, which keeps it fresh for longer. However, these are food grade products and having excessive amounts of water within your scrub may cause molding. We suggest changing out our body scrub after 60 days.

Do you have any other questions or comments? Live chat with us or contact our support.

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