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Coconut Oil Passed Down Through The Ages

coconut oil benefits for healthy skin


For over 3,500 years coconuts have been cultivated for their delicious and very beneficial fruit, water and oil. Tropical regions around the globe have been aware of the importance of coconut in their diet. During times of strife, coconut water has been used to cure dehydration, the coconut fruit used as food and the oil extracted has been used for cooking as well as for its medicinal qualities. Coconut oil is classified as a super-food and it is found in most homes in the tropics to relieve skin conditions.


Coconut oil is pure saturated fat and contrary to popular belief is good for overall health. The medium chain fatty acids help the oil bind together to create a solid and strong barrier. Coconut oil is easily digested and converted into energy due to the fatty acid’s unique ability to be directly absorbed by the liver.

Skin Conditions it can improve:          

  • Lotion to heal dry skin and keep psoriasis at bay.
  • A barrier for baby bottoms.
  • Kills yeast infections and keeps them away when used regularly.
  • Lip balm to prevent dry cracked lips.
  • Hair oil that’s effective prevention for dandruff.
  • Reduces acne and scars.
  • Oil pulling for 20 minutes for additional health benefits.
  • Heals skin wounds from surgeries.

Benefits for your skin:

Coconut oil can be highly beneficial to the skin because of its innumerable healing properties:

  1. Skin Regeneration:

Coconut oil can penetrate bacteria, fungus and heal the skin and saturate the cells yet leaving healthy ones behind. Coconut oil repairs and regenerates dry dead skin by creating a barrier against water and oxidation which also prevents microbes from forming. These properties allow proteins in the skin and hair to be retained.

  1. Skin Re-hydration:

Regular use of coconut oil is recommended on hair, skin, and nails. It will encourage growth and hydrate the skin quickly. Internal consumption of coconut oil is also beneficial for good teeth and organ health.

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